Thursday, April 26, 2007

MenScience Pigmentation Repair Formula

MenScience Pigmentation Repair FormulaMenScience Pigmentation Repair Formula (Hydroquinone 2%, Glycolic and Kojic Acid) 2oz.
From MenScience Androceuticals

Product Description

Our dermatological-grade formula, with its invisible matte finish, reduces the appearance of dark areas (age spots), which can result from sun damage or aging. This unique blend, developed specifically for mens skin, visible fades age spots or dark areas with Hydroquinone (2%). Unique use of Glycolic Acid complements fading action by dissolving damaged, darkened skin patches and exposing new unblemished cells. Vitamin C, Kojic Acid and Chamomile help restore a healthy-looking and natural skin tone. About MenScience: All MenScience products are scientifically developed for men, with professional ingredients used by doctors and skincare professionals, for the highest levels of efficacy and visible results. All products are completely free of added fragrances, dyes or other potential irritants.


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