Tuesday, April 24, 2007


ZIRH STARTER KITThe best way to get acquainted ZIRH's core regimen: CLEAN-CORRECT-PROTECT. An $84 value for just $59, this ZIRH Kit also makes a fantastic gift.

Includes 3.4 oz. SHAVE GEL, 4.2 oz. CLEAN face wash, 1.7 oz. CORRECT vitamin serum and 3.4 oz. PROTECT face moisturizer, all packed in a complementary clear ZIRH bag.

How to Use:
1) Wet your face and work a small amount of CLEAN over face and neck. Rinse. Use once a day for dry - sensitive skin, twice a day for normal - oily skin.
2) Shave (if you choose to): Pat a thin layer of SHAVE GEL into wet skin. Shave. Rinse.
3) Apply a small amount of CORRECT onto face and neck. Use once daily, skipping any oily parts of face. Use twice a day if skin is dry.
4) Smooth a small amount of PROTECT onto face.

Available at Zirh.com.

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Pauline said...

OneFACIAL SKIN old style of testing the dry and oily parts of your facial skin is by pressing a tissue to your face more than half an hour after washing it and any greasy bits on the tissues signify the oily parts.